Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures in Cooking! Vegetarian Wraps!

In keeping with my resolution to actually USE this blog, here's a post with some actual content (*GASP*) & photographic evidence!

Hubby and I have been eating in a lot more lately due to some financial constraints. This is actually a VERY good thing as I'm starting to have fun whipping up all kinds of stuff, and learning new skills! Today we went for smoothies while running errands and when we got home, we were hungry but didn't want something heavy. So I made us veggie wraps!

First off I boiled two eggs. I know this is a simple thing, you just...throw eggs in a pot and boil. However, I'm paranoid and wanted to be sure I was doing it right. Alan and I bought a book about 2 years ago by a gentleman named Mark Bittman. He's amazing and every recipe I've tried from his book
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, is amazing. I really really recommend it to anyone looking for awesome veggie recipes! in the book he talks about how boiling eggs can kinda suck because, as they boil the shells can crack causing a huge mess and then they can be fairly hard to shell warm. So following Marks suggestions here's what I did:

1. Filled a sauce pan with the appropriate amount of water, enough to submerge them but not completely. I then placed the eggs in the pan and let the water come to a boil.
2. Once the water was boiling I turned the stove off and covered, letting sit for about 9 minutes.
3. As the eggs were cooking, I put a bowl in the sink and filled with cold water. I added a few ice cubes to make it colder. I then started preparing the rest of the stuff for the wraps.
4. Once the timer went off I grabbed a pair of tongs and fished out the eggs placing them into the cold ice water. This pretty much puts a stop to the heat and cools off the egg, thus keeping it from cooking itself.
5. I let them sit in the ice water while I put everything else together and once ready for them I peeled off the shell. The shells came off SUPER easy too!

So YAY Mark Bittman!

What's in the Veggie Wraps:

1 tortilla wrap
1 egg sliced (for added protein. To make it Vegan use nuts such as walnuts, almonds or even cashews!)
1/2 a medium avocado sliced
1 medium sized mushroom sliced
1 or 2 tbsp of your favorite hummus
1/3 cup (give or take) of Salad greens
1 handful of alfalfa sprouts
Dash of Cumin, Paprika, Red Pepper, and Coriander
1 tbsp of your favorite Salad dressing (mine happens to be a Garlic and Rosemary Vinaigrette)
Salt & pepper

How to make them:

1. Take your tortilla wrap and place on plate, heat it up in the microwave for about 10 seconds or until warm and floppy. Be sure to add the following ingredients quickly. As the tortilla cools it will start to firm back up which can make folding a hassle.
2. Spread hummus off-center of the wrap. Sprinkle with cumin, paprika, red pepper, and coriander.
3. Place sliced mushrooms on top of the hummus. Some of you may wish to grill or saute the mushrooms which would probably taste orgasmic! Please let me know if you do!
4. Spread sprouts over the mushrooms and follow with the avocado slices.
5. Place your salad greens, and sliced eggs (or nuts! Or both!) on top.
6. Sprinkle with your favorite salad dressing. Salt and Pepper to taste!
7. Here's the kinda hard part, the folding. The way I make wraps is actually more like a burrito roll as I learned this technique by watching the folks at Chipotle do their thing. Fold one side of the tortilla over the filling, and using the tortilla to keep your hands clean(ish), drag everything back. This should sort of push the filling under your palms or just before them. Press the sides down as though gently karate chopping and force the filling to bunch together. This should also form a small flap on both sides. Fold these flaps up, so they're more or less on top. At this point there should be a bit of clear tortilla left (it's okay if there's some hummus or spices on it). Roll the wrap forward. You'll have a little seam on one side. Allow the wrap to rest with most of it's weight on the seam and let the tortilla cool for a minute or so.
8. Follow my husbands example...

The poor wrap didn't survive 2 minutes after I gave him the plate. Oh the cruel fate of food.

Alan's particularly happy with the changes we've made to our diet. As I loose centimeter by centimeter, he's loosing inch by inch.As of January 2nd he's lost 25 pounds, and enough inches to fit into the button down shirts he wore in college! Now if only my weight would start dropping that fast!


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