Thursday, March 4, 2010


Gonna make this short and sweet as I don't seem to have much time at the present moment.

1. Gemini is awesome! She's doing very well and though she looks a little pitiful with half a pelvis (they took an entire pound off of her), she's adapting wonderfully. She's going to have to go into chemo eventually, but for the time being she's just working on getting better! Kitteh is doing very well!

2. I've taken up the photography bug and it's awesome! I love it! I had my first shoot on the 20th of last month with a model putting her portfolio together! I had a lot of fun (and a lot of help from my friend Maggie). It was an great learning experience. My model, Azure, was patient, pretty and just gave birth to a kid and still manages to be in a size zero. My envy let me show you it.

3. I'm working on the switch to full vegetarian. My only weakness to over come is sushi. Damn it fish! Why do you have to be so awesome wrapped up in seaweed and rice? You're not flowing with my vegetarian jive! I'm working on it - however there's always veggie options like avocado rolls, tamago(egg), tofu and cucumber rolls. Many places also have a veggie roll too - so maybe I'm not so horribly off. Omg, I'm such a fat kid; I'm making myself hungry again.

4. Alan's working on putting his own company together. It's going slow for the time being but I'm pretty sure taking it slow and a step at a time is the right way to go about things like this. So Yay! He's much happier and I'm happier to see him as such.

5. Starting to work out again and I'm seriously getting desperate for a pool. I can't WAIT for summer! Swimming, I am so going to OWN you. Looking forward to also picking up a fin to swim with called a 'monofin'. I had one last year but it was left at the pool overnight and someone swipped it. Lame. So I'm getting a new one this year, probably the larger fin (for males) as I have huge feet that barely fit into the 'female' version. Normal ladies apparently aren't size 9 1/2.

6. Married life's great and Alan's amazing.

Cheers for now!

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